Monday, January 2, 2012


"Follow the Lord’s rules for doing his work.” 2 Timothy 2:5

Are you so eager to stay in everybody’s good graces that you are complying with their every demand, even though it is draining you?  Good people burn out every day because they lack discernment when it comes to setting boundaries.  And once that happens it is hard to fix, because none of us [not even those “ordained by God!”] can break His natural laws without consequences.  A well-known Bible teacher writes: “Once when I was complaining about my heavy schedule I heard God’s Spirit say, ‘You are the one who makes the schedule; if you do not like it, do something about it.”’

Paul told Timothy: “Follow the Lord’s rules for doing his work…as an athlete…follows the rules or is disqualified.”  Not every problem is spiritual, some are physical.  Furthermore, you cannot blame the devil for things that are your fault.  We resent people who pressure us, yet we keep doing what they want: and pressured by not taking responsibility for your own life!  The fact is, many well-intentioned folks are walking around burned out and depressed because they cannot say no.  They forget that Jesus is our example; that even He made time for rest and renewal.  The answer lies in: [a] putting your life under the guidance of the Holy Spirit; [b] learning to put first things first; [c] not expecting everybody to understand when you set boundaries.  Remember, Solomon said, “A friend loveth at all times” [Pro 17:17], not just when you comply with their wishes.  So if saying no costs you the friendship, it was not a healthy friendship to start with!


Pelumi said...

If saying 'No' costs you the was not a helthy relationship to satrt with......***Beautiful***** check my blog too

Anonymous said...

So if saying no costs you the friendship, it was not a healthy friendship to start with!*********Beautiful*********

check my blog too


Thanks Pelumi. Just checked your blog. Continue the good work.