Thursday, April 11, 2013


"A friend loves at all times." Proverbs 17:17

Dr. John Maxwell writes: "If you want deep lasting friendship, you cannot always be the strong one.  And that can be frightening; especially if you have had someone hurt or manipulate you.  But you must let a friend see you in your weakness.  Some of us have never done this, and we wonder why we are lonely.  We are going to have to get vulnerable to have a true friend.

"Friends serve each other.  When was the last time you performed an act of servant-hood for a friend to whom you are devoted?  If you cannot remember, you are probably living with a core of loneliness.  A friend is someone you commit to not because of what they can do for you, but just because they are your friend.  And friends listen, even though they are busy.  Listening is an act of love.  It says, "I am going to put my own agenda on hold and devote myself to knowing and caring for you."  Friends are not generally looking for someone who can talk very impressively or cleverly or with great wit.  Mostly what they are looking for is a world-class listener.  Furthermore, when something goes right, friends celebrate.  Do you do that?  When was the last time one of your friends had God bless them - and you threw a party?

"If you are not in this kind of friendship right now, you cannot make it happen, but you can open yourself up to it.  You can start pursuing it.  You can ask God to guide you.  You can take little relational risks.  And if you already have friends like this, prize them, protect them, enrich them in every way, and take that friendship as deep as you can."

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


      There are several sources of earning such as salaries, rent, interest, dividends, etc.
      There are basically two types of income:
  1. Earned Income: Salary
  2. Passive Income: Real Estate, Rent and Capital Appreciation, Royalties, Businesses run by others, Stocks, bonds, mutual funds.
Employee’s Primary Income
      Reviewed salary–a new financial empowerment
      Monthly salary.
      Annual Bonuses
      Promotion differentials.
      Loan schemes, Advances, Housing Allowances, Personal Loans etc.
      Estacode, training allowances, per diem.
      Share of profits, share of dividend etc
Employee’s Other Streams of Income
      Interest from fixed deposits or savings accounts.
      Dividend from stocks and shares.
      Rental income (from flats, houses, market stalls and shops etc.)
      Land and Buildings (buying and selling).
      Angel capital (investing in small businesses).
      Farming/Poultry/Fish Farming.
      Trading Joint Venture (JV)
      Importation (JV) amongst others.
      Bonus shares from existing holdings.
Creating Multiple Streams of Income
      Start today to develop many sources of income.
      Leverage on core talent, skill, job or business. Get organised!
      Diversify one stream, or use income from one to create others
      Never jeopardize your employment i.e. your core stream of income
      Use /leverage services of professionals/others to develop multiple streams,  e.g. stock brokers, estate agents, friends etc.
      Get involved in the up-coming Fidelity Co-operative Society.
      Choose your multiple streams development partners very carefully. Persons who are serious/like minded with integrity.
      Get started, no matter how small. From little acorns really big oak trees grow.
Becoming a Landlord
      Choose your area of interest 
      Do your search – Legal Dept. will assist
      Funding – Outright, installment or counterpart funding (i.e. two people paying for a plot of land jointly)
      Start gradually – monthly, quarterly etc. Remember little drops of water make a mighty ocean.
      Be focused and determined – You will get there!
Summary Rules of Acquiring Money
  1. Pay yourself first
  2. Control your expenditure
  3. Invest your money where it will labour for you and increase your wealth
  4. Invest wisely – where it is safe and consult with wise men
  5. Own thy home – it reduces your cost of living and makes available more of your earnings for the gratification of your needs
  6. Ensure a future income – provide for your future retirement