Thursday, March 31, 2011


Have you heard about the frog that was born at the bottom of a well?  He thought life could not get any better till one day he looked up and saw day light.  Climbing up to investigate he was amazed to find a much larger pond than the one he lived in.  And going further afield he discovered a lake that was bigger again. When eventually he came to the ocean and all he could see was water, it dawned on him just how limited his thinking had been. He thought everything he needed was down in the well, but that was a drop in the bucket compared to the things that were out there for him to enjoy. 

May be we are living today in our own little "well", reluctant to leave our comfort zone, settling for a limited and safe existence while God has rivers deep enough "to swim in". Wouldn't we like to step out in faith, experience new depths in Him and go where we have never been before?  Remember, the enemy will do everything he can to keep us focused on our background, our lack of formal education, our appearance and our limited resources.  But Bruce Wilkinson says, "It does not matter whether you are short of money, people, energy, or time. What God invites you to do will always be greater than the resources you start with." 

We do not have to let fear limit our vision when God is our source, because His supply is unlimited! One idea from Him, just one, can change our lives and the lives of others. He has got great things in store for us today - so start thinking outside the box!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Too many of us are busy trying to repair our old nature and make it look good, when God is in the business of throwing out the old and crafting something brand new.  When your car is been declared a loss in an accident, if you are insured you receive a new car.  But if it is not totaled, you get it repaired and hope it runs well.  God has declared our old nature a total loss.  He wants you to concentrate on the new nature He has given you. 

If you have spent years trying to fix up what God says cannot be fixed up, allow the truth of God's Word to liberate you from a very frustrating way of life. To understand this, think of caterpillars and butterflies. Caterpillars are not very pretty.  But once they break free from the cocoon of their old nature and become butterflies, the transformation is incredible. What was once ugly is now beautiful.  A creature that could only crawl can now soar. 

But this transformation requires a growth process, and it is not always easy.  There is a lot of struggle involved. But the result is worth the effort. A butterfly is not just a fixed up caterpillar, but a new creature with a new capacity for life. And the good news is, we do not become butterflies in our own strength. 

From God's perspective, will power is no power. Paul writes, "For it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose" (Php 2:13 NIV).  Our job is just to draw close to, submit to, and cooperate with God in this work.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


"Christ lives in me" (Galatians 2:20) 

Your identity has great value not only to you, but also to the thief who wants your name and credit card to run up a stack of bills. Some of us will go to great lengths to try and gain an identity we think will make us more acceptable to a certain group - like wearing designer clothes or driving a certain car. Some think it is in their looks and opt for plastic surgery. Some identify themselves by their profession or trade. 

Too many of us are confused or basically uninformed about our true identity as redeemed children of God. This leads to false growth, or no growth. 

With the life of Christ within us there is no victory we cannot win. Your new identity also solves your self worth problem. When you understand who you are in Christ, you realize that you have already been accepted by God - and you cannot improve on that! So who are you? You are a totally forgiven, fully accepted, deeply loved, daily-empowered child of God. Once you fully grasp that, you will have joy you have never known and grow like you have never grown.

Monday, March 21, 2011


"My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest". Exodus 33:14 

Has success brought pressures you cannot cope with? Has the thing you celebrated yesterday got you all stressed out today? We think we know what we want, because we see it in somebody's life. But God knows what we need - what we can live with and not fall apart. When God says, "No" it is because He sees down the road. Children do not know what they do not know. Their favourite word is "gimme". When we were tiny and do not get it, we stomp our feet and throw a fit. When we were in our teens and do not get it, we rebel and think, "You are ruining my life". When we are older and wiser, we say, "Thank God Mom and Dad said no". Be careful what you pray for, you just might get it. 

Here are some sobering words for fast trackers: "Then believed they his words; they sang his praise (but) they soon (forgot) his works; they waited not for his counsel: but lusted exceedingly in the wilderness ... and he gave them their request; but sent leanness into their soul" (Psalm 106:12 - 15). Wow! Materially enriched, but spiritually impoverished. That is a battle you will fight too! Are you experiencing lean times in your soul? If you are and you know it, you are blessed. You can still do something about it. It is when you do not know it that you are in trouble. You say, "Is God asking me to leave my job or sell my big house?" No, He is telling you, you are out of balance. "Where do I find the answer?" God whispers, "My Presence shall go with thee and I will give thee rest". Learn to rest in God!