Wednesday, October 26, 2011


"That Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith."  Ephesians 3:17

The word dwell means more than just to move in and take up residence.  It means to make yourself comfortable, to spread out and have the run of the house. When it comes right down to it, how many of us are willing to give Christ complete control?  You see illustrations of this in popular television programs where people allow someone else to come in and redo their homes or yards.  Sometimes two sets of friends or family members agree to trade houses and redo a room in each other's place, without any prior approval or guarantees.  The participants give their house keys to the show's host, and they hand them over to the other party.  Then they go to work and tear out the other family's carpet, take down the drapes and pictures, discard furniture, repaint, and do whatever they decide needs to be done.  One show called "Radical Home Makeover" even demolishes the house and rebuilds it from the ground up.  The family is sent on vacation while this takes place.  When they return it is a scene of wild celebration as the neighbors gather and the family breaks down weeping with joy at the result.

Now, if we can demonstrate that kind of faith in other people, surely we can allow Christ to come in and make Himself at home in our hearts.  One thing is sure, we will not be unhappy with the results.  When you give Jesus the keys to your heart He "decorates" it with love, joy and peace, etc.  He rewires it to tap you into the Holy Spirit's power.  What could be better?

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leroy said...

been reading your write-ups and they are pretty insightful and been a blessing.
I pray GOD keeps you fresh and inspired always. You are a blessing and I pray you continue to be this and much more to your readers and I pray the Almighty will broaden your spheres of influence and extend your frontiers. Thanks for letting GOD use you.