Thursday, April 14, 2011



·         Reinforce Your Motivation
Reinforce your motivation for a disciplined life.  Think of the disappointment that you will be to God if you fail to be the man or woman that He wants you to be.

·         Start with the Simple Things
A discipline person will seek to avoid making unnecessary work for others.  So hang up your clothes.  Make your bed promptly and neatly every morning.  Do not despise these trifles as irrelevant.  They are the essence of it.  They indicate the foresight, carefulness, and thoughtfulness that make the difference.

·         Show Respect to All
Show respect to all – even to the poor and lowly.  When speaking or listening to someone, develop the habit of looking at him or her.  When in a meeting, discipline yourself to keep your eyes on the speaker.  To gaze around at people or down at your feet is rude and discourteous.

·         Tackle the Difficult Tasks Promptly
Do first the things that you would rather do last.  Right now, do that which you have postponed for so long.

·         Be Punctual
Be punctual for your meetings and for your appointments.  The habit of being on time will never be acquired unless you are convinced that courtesy demands it and you plan ahead.  You allow yourself a sufficient margin of time to get to the appointed place.

·         Learn to Wait
To grab something before God’s time is to spoil it.  There is a time in God’s timetable for all things.  Wait for that time and do not rush ahead.  If you would be a disciplined person, learn to respect the time tags that are found on life’s joys, responsibilities and privileges.  We do not help God by opening a rosebud – we simply spoil the blossom.

·         Love Your Critics
Cultivate an attitude of sincere gratitude for all correction.  This is also a discipline.  Getting offended when corrected is a mark of immaturity.  Be willing to learn from the lowliest.

·         Be Systematic in Prayer and Bible Reading
This is essential for a disciplined life.  The discipline of determining to spend a fixed amount of time for this, at any cost, every day, will by itself bring rich rewards.

·         Avoid unnecessary luxuries
Avoid unnecessary luxuries and do not be wasteful in spending money.


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