Tuesday, April 12, 2011


·         Getting Your Priorities Right
A disciplined person is wise to subordinate less important things to the more important ones.  If we “major in minors” and show “a first-rate dedication to second-rate matters”, if we allow our friends, our impulses and the convenience of the moment to dictate our priorities, we will drift with the tide of daily circumstances and will end up shabby persons.  Selection!  Selection!  Selection!  This is the law of life.  We must learn to give first priority to the kingdom of God and His righteousness in practical daily living.

·         Submission to Legitimate Authority
A discipline person has the ability to submit to legitimate authority gracefully.  In life’s normal relationships, rebellion is stupid and destructive.  This does not mean that we are to blindly submit if such submission violates our conscience.  We must retain our individuality and our convictions.  We must know when to stand against authority for the sake of truth.

·         It Strengthens Your Will
Discipline does not make you rigid, it makes you resilient.  It provides you with shock absorbers for the potholes of life.  There will be lots of them.  It enlarges your capacity to have courage when life gets tough.  Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refused to bow to a pagan king’s idol (Daniel 3:17 – 18).  These men have toughened themselves through discipline in order to face such a supreme moment of test.  You will face that moment too.

·         It Brings Your Gifts to their Highest Level of Effectiveness
David’s first victory was not over Goliath.  His years of practice as a shepherd defending his sheep against wolves, a lion and a bear, had prepared him for this moment.  It had given him the spirit and the skill needed to take on the Philistine champion.

·         It Inspires Others
Paul’s greatest gift to Timothy was the example of a discipline life (2 Timothy 3:10).  Timothy had something to copy – a straightedge of excellent living.  There is no better gift!

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