Tuesday, February 22, 2011


One day, an attorney was rehearsing with her client possible court proceeding which was meant to be a preparation for the appointment they were to have in court the next day. It took so many hours to convince the ever honest client to tell lies in order to help himself out of trouble. Amidst frustration, the Defense Council, though doing what she finds normal was amazed that there is another side of life which someone finds normal though weird and discouraging for the situation at hand. It took more than convincing the client that he was not lying but manipulating the truth in order to help himself out of the case for him to repeat what the Defense Council was reading out without quoting her. In court the next day, the client still could not tell lies but the truth set him free when his consistent honesty challenged the Defense Council who fell in love with him and agreed to be the mother of the child who was meant to be taken away from him due to his inability to reason beyond the age of the child. 

Is it the being that cannot tell lies that is normal or the one that cannot be truthful? We think from the heart and not from the books. It is unfortunate that the society has turned the value tables over and thinks only from the books and not from the heart. The man that cannot be truthful is celebrated in the world today because he has always succeeded. The truthful being that cannot lie but believe that by accepting his misdeeds, have room to be a reformed person through reformatory procedures which may include punishment is isolated in the society. The evil beings that through manipulation of the truth have been set free in the society are left to call the shots and we follow in ignorance. 

It is obvious that evil does not last forever. It can be covered now but in the future the consequence of lying is humiliation. Truth is stubborn. It does not apologize to anyone since no one can do anything against it but for it. The popularity of truth cannot be written about, but it is always right. It stands the test of time but remember that lies are exposed. Honesty as well as dishonesty exists in three aspects of human lives. It exists in the heart showing what one believes in, it exists in the intention behind people's deeds and it is present in the words that they speak. Dishonesty in deed is more despicable than dishonesty in word; it signifies a high level of hypocritical display of sincerity. 

Honesty, in fact, engenders strength on every level. On the personal level, it provides integrity, self worth, and inner fortitude. On the social level, it lends depth and substance to our relationships with other people. On the spiritual level, it brings about the sincerity to our Lord that is the key to our salvation. When you lie, you waste valuable time doing that but truthfulness flows like a river. One needs a good memory to continue to manufacture lies. 

Truth is never rehearsed; it is a fact that needs not be explained. Do not make any pretence about being normal. If you cannot tell the truth always, you are not normal. Every normal man must be tempted. We must try to increase our capacity to live normally to a point where we can visibly be seen as completely normal. You may not be celebrated now for doing that; never mind. The world will celebrate truthfulness one day. 


Joy said...

I really enjoyed your post. I stumbled on it by accident looking for something else on Google. Have a great 2012.


Thanks Joy. I wish you same.