Wednesday, November 10, 2010


1.   Be accountable without getting hung up on doing things right and forgetting to 
      do right things.
2.   Be alert but do not be quick to criticize, doubt or presume something is missing 
      without first looking for the silver cloud behind every dark cloud in situations 
      and people.
3.   Be all things to all men to win some without being insecure about your own 
      identity, personality, outlook, convictions, experiences, callings, culture, 
      genetics, ideas or background.
4.   Be amiable but do not be so socially concerned that you become a man pleaser 
      willing to do whatever it takes for people to like you.
5.   Be analytical without becoming too wrapped up in details and problems 
      in situations or people.
6.   Aspire to greatness but do not pursue only selfish ambitions that involve dirty 
7.   Be balanced without lacking hard convictions to do what is right even when it is 
8.   Be bold without being over-bearing, pushy or insisting on your own way.
9.   Be compassionate but do not be overly sympathetic.
10. Be confident but do not become arrogant, high minded and conceited.
11. Be contextual without being inappropriate, compromising or lacking in 
      relevance to reality.
12. Be cooperative but do not resort to conniving, intrigue or under-handed tactics.
13. Be courageous but do not become a loose canon that shouts one's mouth off 
      whenever you become irritated.  Do not let subjective moods cloud your sense 
      of objective purposes and processes.
14. Be courteous but do not merely resort to superficial flattery to impress people.
15. Be creative but do not let your dreams dictate how you live your life.  Do not let 
      speculations, imaginations or visions of greatness determine your sense of well 
16. Be decisive but do not become so stuck in your ways that you lose flexibility.
17. Be diligent but do not get into one-track thinking.  Do not become selfishly 
18. Be discerning but do not become judgmental, overly critical or proud of your 
19. Be disciplined but do not become rigid, harsh, overbearing or dictatorial.
20. Be discrete but do not be so over-cautious that you are afraid to act on truth.  
       Do not become so timid and afraid. 
21. Be earnest but do not become nervously meticulous, over conscientious or 
      over serious.
22. Be empowered by God without being too authoritative, dictatorial or 

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