Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The festive season is here again. Sending and receiving Christmas cards are a holiday tradition that keeps us in the spirit through the holidays all the way to the New Year. But, do you know when it is the right time to be sending your Christmas cards to friends and family?

Cards you send mean a lot to the people reading them and will most likely be kept for years to come. Although it does sound obvious, write on your cards using a pen. Do not print off labels on the computer and stick them into the card, this removes the personal touch and makes it look as if they are just one of thousands of people you have sent a Christmas card to from your efficient production line. 

You really should write the names of the recipients on the card you are sending. Some people think that it is acceptable to simply write who the card is from. Address your greeting to the person or family of whom you wish to send your seasonal greetings to. 

Send out Christmas cards and stay away from e-cards. Sending a Christmas card should not suggests that you merely send them out to be polite, but that you actually value your friendship or relation with the addressee. Touching and feeling a card leaves a deeper impression than viewing one on a computer screen. 

Homemade Christmas cards are great for those special people in your life, best friends and close family members. Homemade Christmas cards take time and thought and are a very personal way to wish people merry Christmas. For tech-savvy individuals, you can design a Christmas card on the computer with the right software. However, some websites also enable you to select images and messages to create your own very printable cards, and no computer skills are really required. 

Personalization and custom imprinted verses add a touch of elegance as well. Ordering personalized holiday cards just got easier than ever before with digital photos. Using online photo printing websites, you will choose your card style, upload your photo, and personalize your Christmas greeting. Order your bespoke Christmas cards early so that you will receive them in good time to write and send them.

Send during the first week or two of December so that they arrive on time. This is usually a great gesture to make to friends and family who live far away and gives them the opportunity to return the greeting if they so wish in plenty of time before the last post before Christmas. 

Sending cards for the holidays to business associates is always good practice. Cards being sent internationally should be sent no later than the first week of December. 

Business greeting card etiquette certainly dictates that you buy and send nice, quality cards to your mailing list. Most Businesses are often closed for several weeks over the holiday period. Send their greeting card in advance of closings so they will know you respect their schedules and value their business. 

Sending a business Christmas card offers a chance to blend a time-honoured corporate tradition with the particular, signature style of your own little company. The new rule of thumb advises the words 'Season's greetings' should be used to avoid giving offence to non-Christians. 

Photo Christmas cards are perfect for business use and provide interesting network marketing opportunities. Sending a personalized Christmas card to your clients/customers will keep you front-of-mind when they come to place orders in the New Year.


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