Thursday, May 17, 2012


"Tear down your father's a proper kind of altar."  Judges 6:25-26

During a leadership seminar on attitudes, a man told the following story: "From the earliest recollections I do not remember a compliment from my father.  His father also thought it unmanly to express affection or even appreciation.  My grandfather was a perfectionist who worked hard and expected everyone else to do the same, without any encouragement.  And since he was neither positive nor relational, he had a constant turnover in his employees.  Because of my background it has been very difficult for me to nurture or encourage my family.  This critical and negative attitude has hindered my life.  I have raised five children and tried to live as a Christian before them.  Sadly, it is easier for them to recognize my love for God, than my love for them.  They were starved  for affection and approval.  The tragedy is, they have received my bad attitude trait and now I see them passing it down to my precious grandchildren.  Never before have I been so aware of 'catching an attitude.' Obviously, this wrong attitude has been passed along for five generations.  So, it is time to stop it!  Today I make a conscious decision to change.  This will not be done overnight, but it will be done.  It will not be accomplished easily, but by God's grace it will be accomplished!"

God told Gideon to tear down his father's altar and build a proper kind of altar [attitude].  Fathers, it is time to tear down your old attitudes and ways of relating, and start building attitudes that bless your children and honor God.

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