Monday, April 16, 2012


"Honor one another above yourselves." Romans 12:10

If God has called you to lead, more is required of you.  Those you are called to lead have the right to expect 8 things:

  • To know your character.  If I follow you, will I know who you really are?  Will you deal with me with integrity?
  • That you will take the time to explain your vision.  What is the future and where do I fit?  Is there a place for me or will you simply use me?
  • To never be left in isolation.  Will you 'be there' for me?  Will you love me?  Will you care about my needs?
  • To be heard.  To whom will you listen?  When you are busy and overloaded will I still be heard, taken seriously and appreciated?
  • To be trusted.  Can I take initiative without fear?  Will my ideas be rewarded and encouraged or will I be regarded with suspicion and distanced?
  • To be given an opportunity to grow.  Will I be encouraged to be a lifelong learner?  Will my gifts be increasingly identified and expressed?  Will I be developed?
  • To be held accountable.  Will I be fairly evaluated for my performance?  Will I be lovingly held to the highest standards and to God's best for my life?  Will you show me how to do it better and be patient while I learn and self-correct?
  • To be the object of grace.  Will I be forgiven even in the face of shortcomings, inadequacies and failure? Will I be led with kindness?  These are what followers have the right to expect of you - so do not let them down!

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