Friday, December 16, 2011


“The Word of the Lord will live forever.”  1 Peter 1:25

William Gladstone, Prime Minister of England, stated: “I have known 95 great men in my time.  And of these, 87 were followers of the Bible.”  President John Quincy Adams declared: “The Bible is the book above all others, to read at all ages, and in all conditions of human life.”  Suppose a museum of art commissions a painting to be painted by 40 different artists.  They work in their respective studios knowing nothing of each other’s efforts.  Yet when all these many canvasses are assembled on one wall they create the perfect landscape.  What are the odds?  Or suppose 40 architects set out to design one building.  Some know what others are doing – others are unaware anyone else is doing anything at all.  When they gather to compile notes, the result is a magnificent blueprint.  Could it happen?  It did with the Bible.  No publisher commissioned it.  No Committee outlined it.  No earthly editor oversaw it.  Though separated by 16 centuries, and penned by an unlikely assortment of kings, soldiers, shepherds, farmers and fishermen, from Moses in the Arabian Desert to John on the windswept island of Patmos – one theme threads the Bible together.  That theme is salvation through Jesus Christ.  Your Bible is the most incredible book ever written.  Every passing day validates Peter’s prophecy: “The Word of the Lord will live forever.”  The question is: does it live in your heart?  Does it determine your conduct?  Does it set your priorities?  Do you hunger for it?  Can you say “Oh how I love your law!  I meditate on it all day long.” Psalm 119:97.

Your Bible is the most widely published and translated book in history – available in over 2000 different dialects.  Why? Because it works!  Apply its principles to any part of your life and see what happens.
  • Apply it to your finances.  Manage your money the way the Bible says: tithe, save, provide for your family, and give to the needy.  Test God’s Word and prosper.
  • Test God’s Word on your job.  Follow the Bible’s code of work conduct.  Be honest.  Be on time.  Be efficient.  You may get a promotion.
  • Test the Bible on your relationships.  Forgive your enemies.  Refuse to gossip.  Do all you can to be at peace with all.  Be quick to listen and slow to speak.
  • But most of all, apply the Bible to your soul.  “There is nothing like the written Word of God for showing you the way to salvation.”  2 Timothy 3:15.

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