Friday, November 25, 2011


1st Law: Be an Ardent Follower
       Follow those whom you help develop so you may learn how to help them become better human beings. In the process you become a better human being, too.
       Your ability to help others achieve their purpose enables them follow you as their leader.
       Teammates and Employees are bigger bosses. They help you meet deadlines and budgets, deliver quality products or services on time, and do that thousand-and-one little extra, out-of-the-box, beyond-the-rule things that make your daily life so much easier and more productive.

2nd Law: Reflect Humility
       Put others first.
       See yourself as the vehicle for others’ growth and enrichment.
       Get passionate about helping others grow their souls – Put everything you have got into anything you do.  Halfway measures usually produce no-way results.
       Share the glory and be willing to take the blame when you are wrong.

3rd Law: Grace and Honor Others with Your Words
       Your words paint a picture: Be sure they are a Rembrandt.  Your language can help others grow their souls and become finer people.  Let your words enrich the receiver.
       Speak only those words you truly mean: Words spoken in jest sometimes reveal more than we want them to.
       Take the time to acknowledge another’s contribution to you. Personal acknowledgement is the ultimate gratification for you both.

4th Law: Always Be a Student
       Learn your lessons well: Mistakes are great teachers.  They are life’s trial by fire. Be ready to walk across the “hot coals.”
       Learning doesn’t happen to you; it happens through you. You are not an empty vessel that some teacher fills with learning. You must be an actor on the stage, completely immersed in the play of your life, not a spectator in the second row. Learning is scary and takes a strong dedication.
       Beware of the “I’m-too-busy” trap. Many people talk about wanting a better-paying job, more education, or a brighter future. Not all however, truly dedicate the time and energy to learn what it takes to grow their skills and competencies.

5th Law: Honor Your Relationships
       Treat others – Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Community Members – as you would your father and mother.
       Put family first – they and you deserve it.  If you think there is no time for your family, then there’s something clearly out of balance.  Make time to be with your family, particularly your primary family. It’s a soul-satisfying experience.  Your work-place family is also very important as you tend to spend most of your hours with them.  Cultivate a filial relationship with your colleagues at work and it will enhance the growth of the organization.

6th Law: Be the Instrument for Others’ Soul Growth
       Coach others to grow their minds and develop a more fulfilling life.
       Create the theatre, the stage, and the rehearsal sites for your coaches’ great performance.
       Be the emotional bridge to the future: Give affirming support. Be there for the person you are coaching. Be an ear, a smile, an encouraging word, and some sage advice to the younger ones in your ranks.

7th Law: Keep Your Commandments
       Commitment is the foundation of all relationships.
       Choose first
       Commit second
       Give up Options third.  When you have made up your mind on getting a task achieved and have chosen the best way to go about it, you need to get focused and do away with the other options so as not to get distracted from achieving your goal.
       Be true to yourself.  Commit to those actions that live your values.
       Align actions so that all members of your family can achieve their personal commitments.

This is especially true of good leaders.

8th Law: Always Deliver Your Best
       Great performance, doing your best every time, is the key to personal fulfillment.
       Focus on helping others fulfill their destinies: It also helps you fulfill yours.
       Engage your bosses to identify great performance for you.
       Measure against the best – anywhere. Whom you choose to measure yourself against will determine how great your performance is.
       Always deliver your best to your bosses – as defined by them. Do it to enable them to live their dreams while enabling you to fulfill yours.

9th Law: Be an Open Book
  • Your private words and actions are your true testimony of whom and what you really are. Your words and actions are the messengers from your inner self. They reveal the truth about you, what you stand for, and what you really believe.

       Get to know the expectations of your bosses.
       Get to know the needs of your customers and their business.
       People need facts to make good decisions. Build the systems that get actionable facts to the people who need them.
       Let your courageous words and actions be testimony for who your really are.

10th Law: Build a Community Of People Dedicated To Achieving A Higher Purpose
       Build the “We” Community based upon mutual, other oriented commitments.
       Park your ego at the door. Great people “abandon their ego to the talents of others.” It takes a very special person to see their joy in other people’s achievements, particularly when their name is not attached to the achievement.
       Get everyone on the same page, singing the same tune.
       Focus on helping other people become the captains of their fates and the masters of their souls.
*   All members of the community are better than one member alone – and no one is ever alone.

The future is yours to have and to hold if…
       You care
       You believe
       You learn


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