Sunday, December 12, 2010


As a child, one of my favorite past times was skipping stones across the surface of a river.  Inevitably, ripples would flow from the impact of the stone.

It is like that with choices.  Every choice we make creates a ripple effect on our lives as well as on the lives of others.  The choices we have made throughout life determine where we are and what we are becoming.

Choices are also telling.  What we really want, love, and think show up in the choices we make.

Excellent choices are the proof of a life that is deeply committed and have the ripple effect of filling our lives.

As a friend of mine wisely told me, our lives are not made by the dreams we dream but by the choices we make.  Let us make excellent ones!

Make an excellent choice and watch the ripple effect of blessing.

                    Do a deed of simple kindness,
                    Though its end you may not see;
                    It may reach, like widening ripples,
                    Down a long eternity.

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